How to Affiliate

Affiliation Guidelines

General Conditions for Recognition

  1. The society /governing body of the institution must be registered.
  2. Fresh certificate of satisfactory sanitary conditions in and around the institution issued by the district health officer should be submitted.
  3. Attested copies of registration certificate and inspection report issued by EDO (Education) concerned shall be provided.
  4. Proof of ownership of the building, or in case of rented premises, attested copy of the rent deed shall be provided.
  5. Attested copy of the building plan shall also be provided.
  6. Size of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology laboratories, and also that of Computer laboratory (if any) along with list of apparatus shall be provided.
  7. Size of library and subject-wise list of books available shall be provided. Size of class rooms shall also be provided.
  8. The building should have a hall. There should be adequate sports grounds and goods as well as proper first aid arrangements.
  9. Class-wise lists of students shall be provided.
  10. The staff of the institution must be academically and professionally qualified. The principal should be M.A-B.A /B.Ed.
  11. All rooms should have proper light and ventilation. Fans should be fixed in all rooms.
  12. The librarian and PTI should be qualified and experienced.
  13. The registers of Admission, school-leaving, income and expenditure should be properly accounted for. It will be the responsibility of the institution to maintain a record of admission etc of all students


Recognition of Institutions

An institution fulfilling all conditions laid in the Board Calendar can apply for recognition affiliation with the Board provided that the institution is already registered up to SSC or Intermediate level with the EDO (Education) concerned. Further the application for recognition/affiliation must be routed through the EDO (Education) concerned.

Procedure for Applying

  1. Get four files containing all application forms required for recognition from the Inquiry Section of the Board or from some bookseller or stationer.

  2. Fill in all the four sets of application forms very carefully and submit three files complete in all respects to the DEO concerned keeping one file for record of the institution. The DEO concerned will keep one file in his office and send two files after necessary action to the EDO (Education) concerned. The EDO (Education) concerned will in his turn retain one file for his office and send one file to the Secretary Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Rawalpindi.

  3. The application for recognition for SSC/Intermediate must be submitted in case of a Government institution by 15th April of the year in which it is proposes to start classes, and in case of private institution by 30th January. Action on applications received after due date can be taken only after condonation of delay by the Competent authority and after payment of prescribed fine.


Inspection Fee and Endowment Fund etc.

The following amounts shall be realized as different fee/funds:

  1. Inspection fee for the first time: Rs 22,000.(SSC+HSSC)
  2. Annual inspection fee  Rs 12,000 .(SSC+HSSC)
  3. Revisit fee  fee: Rs 12,000.(SSC+HSSC) 

Endowment Fund for Institutions

  1.  SSC: Rs 35,000..(for boys and girls seperately) 
  2. HSSC: Rs 95,000..(for boys and girls seperately) 

The Endowment Fund must be deposited in the authorized bank in the joint name of Chairman Board and the Institution concerned. However the inspection fee shall be deposited in the authorized Branch of HBL.through challan. After application form and prescribed fee have been received in the office, the Board checks the particulars thoroughly and in case of any shortcoming directs the institution concerned to do the needful. After that an inspection committee inspects the institution. The competent authority takes a decision to grant recognition or otherwise, in the light of recommendations of the inspection committee.